Friday, March 4, 2011

Christmas Card Journal

I can't believe it's March already. I was doing a little spring cleaning this morning and decided to use my 'Cinch' binding machine to bind my Christmas cards I received from friends and family this past Christmas. Normally I just stick them in a box somewhere and DH eventually tosses them when he thinks I am not aware. I think I will start displaying all the cards I receive like this from now on.
Cut 2-inch wide strips of card stock to the height of each card. Adhere to the folded end of your card. Score and fold down the center and punch holes using the hole punch of your choice. Bind as desired (ribbons, wire, rings)

Benefits of this Journal: fully decorated with your choice of cards to use as a cover; readily available and full of inspiration for making more Christmas cards.

Some of my cards are landscape, some portrait, depending on the style of the cards. I think this adds a bit of interest to the Journal. I also added scanned copies of photo Christmas cards to this Journal.

I wanted this to be a true depiction of all cards received. I am now in search of Anniversary and Christmas Cards from the past that DH has not tossed.

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