Wednesday, October 1, 2014

RIP My Darling Angela

Where to start... my heart still aches... I still can't believe she's gone.  Our beautiful daughter, Angela, passed away this past May and we are still devastated and in disbelief.  I can still see her smiling face... hear her voice... hear her laughter ... see her in various stages of her life from infancy through that fateful day in May when God called her home.
Angela with her Babies

Boot Camp Picture

Angela had just returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan this past November and we had so many things planned together.  She was a Certified ZUMBA Instructor and was teaching classes, had  been accepted as a student at Le Cordon Bleu here in Atlanta (aspirations to become a personal chef), had just been hired by Gwinnett County PD (her job was 'Security Forces' in the Air Force) and was formerly a Police Officer in San Antonio, TX).  She had just moved back home (Georgia) and into her new home.  She had so many things on her To-Do list but God had something more in store for her.

Stretching Before Running (2013)
I still don't know how to answer questions on questionnaires that ask for number of children because I will always have two children ... God blessed us with two beautiful daughters and Angela was our first born ... she would have turned 43 this past September 16th.  Getting through her birthday was heartbreaking ...  it was the first birthday that I was not able to talk with her... sing 'Happy Birthday' to her... give her a birthday gift... send her a 'Happy Birthday' card.  Now I have no more hugs from her...  no more birthdays with her...  I love and miss her so.

Getting through the Thanksgiving and Christmas season is going to be so lonely without her.  Our other daughter and her husband are expecting a second child, a daughter, and she is scheduled to be delivered on November 11th... they are giving her Angela's middle name.  I love that they are going to do that... November 11th is Veteran's Day and Angela really loved Military life.  She was Active Reserve and was planning to re-enlist this past June for another six years, then retire. This just wasn't to be.

RIP My Darling Daughter
TSgt Angela Monique Steger
16 Sept 1971 - 27 May 2014


Anoni Mous said...

Today I was thinking about Angela and was wondering where she was, what was she doing, and what had become of her life. I did a google search and found myself faced with this sad news. I met her 22 years ago at Castle AFB, but I didn't realize we had been in so many of the same places without knowing. Her last station was in San Antonio TX and I was living 15 minutes away from her. I thought about her often and searched her a few times online. I should have done it sooner this last time. I'll miss you. Fer Fer

jeannine said...

i am so very sorry for your unimaginable loss. i am sending prayers and love to you and your family and to angela as well. may your memories of your daughter bring you comfort.

Angela said...

Gloria, my heart sank reading this post. I have not visited your blog in a long time and saw your kind comment on a recent card of mine. At first I was just looking at the pictures and Angela looks so much like my sister that I started to read. Oh my, without ever meeting her I'm sadden by your loss and I just don't know what to say. You certainly will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Laura said...

I am so sorry for your loss. I am a retired Police Officer and married to one. I once wished to go in the service-Marines-but chose Police Work. Your daughter Sounds like she was an Amazing young woman who accomplished much and was called to heaven too soon. For you, it was too soon, but the Lord has plans for her. You Wrote a beautiful memory of her on your Blog. I don't know you personally, I'm just another creative person you visit once in awhile online (lauraZstamps -Laura here) but you seem to me like an amazing person, an amazing mother. I have 2 daughters. I hope mine turn out 1/2 as wonderful as yours. Truly. God bless you and your family and your grandchildren. May 2015 take the sad and bring only smiles, no tears, with the memories.