Wednesday, July 21, 2010

SU! Convention - Day 2 (Tuesday)

Convention - Day 2... Still not there yet. DH and I started our day visiting the Family History Library. I have already done a ton of research on my family so I was not able to find anything to add to what I already have. Still, the visit was well worth it. That library is out-of-this-world! DH and I spent a good amount of time there. We went over a lot of family history with the Missionary who was assisting us.

We decided to walk to Gateway Mall from the Family History Library. Just slightly to the side of the FHL was a small Pioneer Log House built by Pioneers. NEAT! We snapped tons of pictures. What I thought was really neat was all the Holly Hocks (flowers) planted around this Log House. The flowers fit right into the scheme of things.

The walk to Gateway Mall was a bit more extensive than we were lead to believe but we didn't give up. It was pretty scenic on the way. The landscaping everywhere was fabulous. The landscaping in front of the Devereau Mansion was really nice so I decided to snap pictures of some of the landscape and the Mansion itself.

We were starving by the time we arrived at the Mall. The Missionary who assisted us earlier at the FHL suggested we eat at the Thaifoon Restaurant and we did. We both ordered the "Firecracker Chicken and Broccoli on a bed of rice. It was HOT! HOT! Hot! But Delish! I also had a glass of freshly squeezed Limeade (not Lemonade) and it was sooo good and sooo refreshing. Our server, Kunthana, was excellent.
Our afternoon quest was to visit the shops at the Gateway Mall, then find a grocery store to purchase fruit and bottled water. One of the shops I went in had some really nice summer purses that had been reduced to $9.99. I purchased one and I love it. Now to find that grocery store. We were told that "Smith's Market" was the name of it.

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