Friday, July 1, 2011

My New Stamp Set and a Tutorial

Here's the card I made using the DTP technique. This is a new stamp set from Stampin' Up!'s 2011-2012 IB&C and will be available for purchase on July 1st.

When I attach the clear images to my new stamps, they sometimes fall off in the middle of stamping onto my card stock and I get unwanted smudges. My solution was to unmount my new stamps as I get them and stamp the image directly on top where the clear image is usually added. Here are pictures of my procedure. Try it and let me know what you think... it actually works great!

Here is the brand new stamp set before doing anything to it. I have my Archival Ink Stamp Pad ready as well as a clear block. I also used my non-stick pad that goes with my Scor-Pal.

Stamps popped out.

I used my Scotch ATG gun to add adhesive to my clear block.

I gently peeled the red rubber from the foam.

Place the stamp on the clear block. The adhesive from my ATG gun will hold it on.

Turn the foam part of your stamp over and stick the sticky side to your non-stick surface or mat. Remove the protective sheet from the other side. This is where you will stamp your image.

Ink up your image and stamp on top of the foam part of the stamp (cling side) while the sticky side is still down on your non-stick mat.

Turn the foam part of the stamp over so that the sticky side is facing up. Carefully match up the back side of the red stamp with the sticky side of the foam part of the stamp.

Pop your stamps back in place with the stamped side facing up so that the ink can dry completely. use the clear sticker images that you would ordinarily stick to your stamps to make a journal to keep track of your stamp sets.

My stamps no longer fall off my clear blocks.

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Cinthia H said...

Wow, Thanks for sharing this. I too like to have images and get frustrated when the images start falling off the block.